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We are proud to offer a variety of lessons for Violin, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele and Songwriting.
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Mark your calendars. Our next Ekletico Recital is almost here. We can't wait to show you what's coming.

Our Annual Recitals gather all students for a beautiful night of musical performances. We are proud to say that we are on our 13th Ekletico Music Concert.

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Let's Make Art!

About Our School

Welcome to Ekletico School of Music, where passion meets practice and creativity flourishes. Located in the heart of Beverly, MA, we are dedicated to providing exceptional music education to students of all ages and skill levels.

At Ekletico, we believe that music is more than just notes on a page or melodies in the air; it's an expression of the soul, a language that transcends boundaries. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in music or an advanced musician honing your craft, our team of experienced instructors is here to guide you on your musical journey.

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Musical Instruments
Our lessons


Start your musical adventure with our comprehensive piano lessons. Join us and make every keystroke count.

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From acoustic to electric, we've got you covered. Start your musical journey with our comprehensive guitar lessons.

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Discover your vocal potential and sing with confidence. Ready to hit those high notes? Let's start singing!
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Turn your passion for bass into skill with our guidance. Feel the satisfaction of mastering new techniques with each lesson.
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From rock to jazz to hip-hop, we cover all drumming styles. Ready to make some noise? Let's start drumming!

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Embrace the elegance of the violin with our expert lessons. Join us and make every melody soar with your violin.
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In our songwriting lessons, you'll work closely with experienced instructors who are not only talented musicians but also skilled songwriters themselves.

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Start your ukulele journey today with Ekletico School of Music and experience the joy of making music with this versatile and beloved instrument.

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The word on the street from our students.

Ekletico has been a great place for my children to learn music. My 2 daughters have had great learning experiences and have been taking weekly lessons there for over a year in multiple instruments. We have been very happy here and I would highly recommend Ekletico to anyone interested in learning music.Christine H
My son has just started guitar lessons and is really enjoying it! He is 13 and his teacher is so encouraging! Nice to get a photo from Lessons every so often too. Nice touch! Highly recommend!Alexandra Swartz Girard

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We provide a safe and friendly environment that respects all!  We deeply respect and care for whomever enrolls at Ekletico.

Safe environment

All teachers are non-smokers, drug free and do not have any kind of behavior that could harm our students!

Strong base

We are a family/christian oriented school that uses love as an ingredient to teach Music.
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